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19.09.2014, 11:43

One is fixed only: one can't catch diabetes as catch a flu or a tuberculosis. Definitely there is a number of factors which contribute to diabetes occurrence. On the first place it is necessary to specify hereditary predisposition. The second reason - adiposity. This factor, fortunately, can be neutralized, if the person, understanding all measure of danger, will struggle strenuously with extra weight and will win this struggle. The third reason are some illnesses in which results in defeat of beta cages. These are illnesses like pancreas - a pancreatitis, a cancer of a pancreas, disease of other glands of internal secretion.

The fourth reason are various virus infections (a German measles, a chicken pox, an epidemic hepatitis and some other diseases, including a flu).On the fifth place it is necessary to name nervous stress as the contributing factor. Especially it is necessary to avoid a nervous and emotional overstrain to persons with the aggravated heredity and having excess weight. The sixth reason - age. The older the person is, the more reasons to beware diabetes. If diabetes to treat correctly (a diet, medicines, insulin), sick of a diabetes can lead high-grade life. But if it not to compensate, there can be serious complications, early or late.

The early concern: ketoacidosis - a poisoning with products of disintegration of fats, diabetic hyperglycemic coma (sudden loss of consciousness) or a hypoglycemia (consciousness infringements in connection with low level of sugar in blood). These complications are provoked by diet non-observance, deviations in treatment or a medical mode, and also infectious diseases. Late complications arise owing to long insufficient control of sugar in blood. Defeat of eyes, kidneys, small vessels and nerves of the bottom extremities concern them (so-called "foot of the diabetic"), in the latter case - with danger of occurrence of ulcers standing, up to necessity of amputation. The digestive path, heart and sexual functions can be mentioned also.

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